Commercial Property Tax Protest

As a business owner you have many moving parts to manage and protesting a valuation on your stapler or an empty commercial building is not usually top of that list. Bence Property Tax Management has successfully represented thousands of businesses in Texas with protesting commercial property, personal property and inventory.  Our consultants will evaluate your accounts and determine the best course of action for your property tax protest.

Commercial Property

Many of the same protest reasons (physical depreciation and comparables) used for residential can be used for commercial property protest, however with an income producing property there are many other factors to consider including but not limited to, rental market sqft. rate, vacancy rate and actual income.

Business Personal Property

If the asset produces income for your business then it must be filed with your local appraisal district. This includes desks, phones, computers, inventory and so forth. Although you must pay a tax on this property you have the option to protest the valuation to provide a tax benefit for your business.

The filing deadline for reporting these assets is April 15, 2017, for a fee Bence Property Tax Management LLC. will help prepare and file the report. Should the county appraisal district not agree with the value. Bence Property Tax Management LLC. will protest the value.

Developer Lots

It is possible for your lots under construction to be taxed at market value; which could be a significant burden on your business. Bence Property Tax Management has been successful in helping developers render their lots properly and save significant amount of tax dollars.

Don’t pay more than your fair share of property taxes.

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